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Pain Paillasse®

Pain Paillasse® is a Bread range sold under license. We are capable of adapting our concept and recipes to local traditions, eating habits and sales channels.

Pain Paillasse®


Let’s produce a tried and tested, traditional and tasty bread together.

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Why Pain Paillasse®?

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The 7 reasons to become partner of the «Grand Cru of Bread».


A Trademark: Pain Paillasse® is a patented product, signed Aimé Pouly. It is an inimitable bread, protected by a secret development, which enables it to stand out and give an even stronger image of a Quality Baker.


Marketing & Communication: it is a dynamic and an advertising concept at your disposal, to support a fine image of quality and to be distinguishable from the competition.


Flexibility & Ease of Use: Pain Paillasse® gives the opportunity to diversify the product line by keeping the same basic dough (Light, Dark, Rustick and Purespelt), the bread can be customised according to the season and according to your desires in order to boost the range throughout the year.
The dough is produced in one session (a single fermentation) and available all day for morning batches as well as afternoon ones, limiting night work.


Training: dedicated to the staff, provided by us, for an optimal production of Pain Paillasse® and of the transmission of know-how. With our Paillasse technician coming directly to your production site.


Profitability: a Premium product which improves margins and revenues of bread sales, which increase very quickly. This gives a quick return on investment on the license.


Exclusivity: with the ability to hold an exclusive license Paillasse for your area, or your market, linked to a minimum tonnage of flour.


A Successful System: the Paillasse myth is built since the early 90s. It is a proven concept in around twenty countries. Although some started with the humble resources of an artisan, many Success Stories have been recorded among the Paillasse licensees.


Pain Paillasse®

The Paillasse license grants you rights and benefits, including the right to have the recipe adapted by a Master Baker, according to your own work requirements. This recipe gives you the possibility of perfectly integrating the manufacture of Pain Paillasse® in your daily activity.

For over 12 years, with Paillasse International SA, the brand has significantly taken off on the international market. Now available in around twenty countries in total, for example in Germany, Italy, Hungary, Austria, The Czech Republic and France, we are going further and far beyond our Helvetian borders.

The Paillasse team works tirelessly to strengthen the presence of Pain Paillasse® in Europe and establish itself on other continents.

We offer the adoption of an original product to our future partners, to enable them to become a great commercial success.

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Pain Paillasse®


By keeping the basic doughs (White, Dark, Rustick and OriginalSpelt), the breads can be customized according to the seasons and to please all tastes.

Pain Paillasse®


During the year, you will go on a voyage of discovery. «Pain Paillasse® Original» proposes sandwich recipes according to the seasons and current taste trends.