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Of Swiss French origin, the man, Aimé Pouly, was the prototype of the far-sighted, intelligent and mischievous baker who is passionate about his trade. A visionary, he managed to create a link between tradition and the adventure of a company. While opting for tradition, this artisan-entrepreneur built his success on craftsmanship constantly geared to authenticity and tradition. In this way, the master baker succeeded in validating his extraordinary knowledge of the trade.

“… sometimes I roll up my sleeves and get to work. Despite the proportions that the firm has taken on, I take pains to maintain the authentic dimension of our products.” Aimé Pouly

Pain Paillasse®


Aimé Pouly started working for a Lucens baker at 13, where he was also responsible for bread deliveries. This was when he discovered a knack for business. His boss then found him a good apprenticeship in Biel with Werner Schlapch, a master baker and president of the Swiss Bakers’ Association.

It was here that he developed a commitment to quality, a taste for work well done. He came in second out of all the apprentices from the canton of Bern. When he returned to French-speaking Switzerland, he went on to study regional specialties in Lausanne, Fribourg and the Valais.

Subsequently, when he decided to go into business for himself, les Minoteries de Plainpalais proposed various sites. He opened his bakery at the age of 24 at avenue du Mail in Geneva.

“…you can’t imagine how it feels when you walk into your own bakery for the first time.” Aimé Pouly

In 1977, Aimé Pouly opened a second outlet in rue Caroline. Until he turned 40, Pouly lived life at top speed. He didn’t slow down until the day he met Catherine, his future wife and mother of his daughter Sindy. He and Catherine, who had become his associate, teamed up to open the 11th bakery: Pouly was starting to become an empire. Aimé Pouly was already hard at work on pain Paillasse, which saw the light of day in 1993.

“…we called this bread “pain Paillasse” in memory of the simple straw mattress on which bakers used to sleep while their dough rose.” Aimé Pouly

Ten years later, everything accelerated when he bought up the Novafood bakehouse in Satigny, which ultimately employed nearly 1000 people.

“…Aimé Pouly is a good man with a great feel for communication!.......I am delighted to have followed the atypical career of a true baker, proud of his trade and the noble product with which he works daily, namely BREAD… and PAIN PAILLASSE to boot!” Renaldo Nanzer (Director, Swiss Association of Baker and Pastry Chef Employers 1986-2007).

Awards followed. For example, l’Hebdo magazine listed Aimé Pouly as one of the 100 leading figures of French-speaking Switzerland.

In 2009, Aimé Pouly won the prestigious prize of Swiss «Master Entrepreneur» of the year. He passed away suddenly in 2011 at the age of 62 due to illness.

The businessman was passionate not only about his work, but also about sports car, as could be seen from his pendant: two golden ears of grain representing work, and the symbol of a racing car at the centre for leisure.

In 1998, he put together the first «Paillasse race team». He was also behind the “Swiss dream”, which sponsored young talented Swiss drivers in car racing. Among them were great pilots who have made a name for themselves on the international racing circuit: Sébastien Buemi (F1 Driver & World Champion 2014 WEC), Marcel Fässler and Neel Jani, who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2016.

“Aimé Pouly drove a Porsche for a long time, but switched to Ferrari for the last ten years”, explained Gino Forgione, the owner of Modena Cars, with whom Aimé Pouly was supposed that very week to try out yet another circuit at the wheel of his red and black 458 GT3. A born pilot who would have become a mechanic if he hadn’t been as gifted for baking bread, he was a fan of beautiful car bodies.¨

Since then, the company has been rejuvenated under the guidance of the new generation, who want to demonstrate their attachment to family values and their total commitment to their customers, traditions and region.

Sindy Pouly and the founder’s son-in-law, Pierre Laugeri, have been running the Aimé Pouly family business since late 2011. Mr. Laugeri took over following the death of the founder to ensure the future of one of the flagships of the Swiss French economy.

Aimé Pouly’s firm remains the largest traditional baker in Switzerland. Even today, all pain Paillasse bread is cooked on wood fire in our bakehouse.


Pain Paillasse®


By working with the same dough bases (White, Dark and Rustick), the bread can be customised according to the seasons and to suit all tastes.

Pain Paillasse®


Enjoy a voyage of discovery throughout the entire year. «Pain Paillasse® Original» proposes sandwich recipes according to the seasons and current taste trends.